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Winter fun and games at the mountain inn – welcome to the Museum Winter programme


The cold season is just around the corner. Would you like to enjoy the cosy magic of a mountain lodge or a professional Winter Opening Party? Are you into watching exciting winter sports transmissions?
Or would you prefer to play a competitive round of curling with friends? In that case a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum is a must for the whole family.

Allow us to surprise your with our new programme. Your physical well-being is also taken care of – at the Stuttgart Cannstatter lodge you can enjoy a glass of Jaegertee (“Hunter’s tea”, tea with schnapps) and Kaiserschmarrn (sweet cut-up pancake with raisins).

We look forward to your visit.

Welcome to Stuttgart-Cannstatt on the Museum Hill


from 26.11.2013 to 06.01.2014 Stuttgart – Cannstatter Hütte – Cannstatt Mountain Lodge
from 26.11.2013 to 06.01.2014 Curling Rink
from 26.11.2013 to 16.03.2014 Culinary Winter Journey
from 30.11.2013 Mercedes-Benz Collectors’ Exchange
from 30.11.2013 Indoor Cycling Marathon
01.12.2013 Disabled Persons’ Day
from 03.12.2013 Special exhibition: “My Mercedes-Benz”
07.12.2013 Winter Opening Party
from 04. to 08.12.2013 Winter Drive-In Cinema
11.12.2013|05.03.2014 Social Media Nights Stuttgart
from 07. to 31.01.2014 Interactive Exhibition for Children
from 04. to 09.02.2014 Mercedes-Benz Starry Nights
from 05. to 09.03.2014 Radio Crime Thriller Week
15.03.2014 Long Night of the Museums
01.02.2014 Fun with Haydn

Winter holidays at the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Stuttgart-Cannstatt mountain inn (227 m above sea level.) | 26.11.2013 to 06.01.2014


On the “steep” western flank of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, the cosy Stuttgart – Cannstatt inn invites you to stop by for a comfortable break. Here the bears tap-dance and the chamois goats rock – hearty fare and the best mountain lodge atmosphere, like in the Alps.

Tip: plan for a Xmas party in a very special atmosphere!

Curling, anyone? | 26.11.2013 to 06.01.2014


A bit of a feel for the sport and warm footwear are the best pre-requisites if you want to try out a very special kind of winter sport. On our curling rink at the foot of the museum hill you can venture onto the ice with your friends. A good time for all is guaranteed!

Winter sports live!


Experience winter sports in unique surroundings. Enjoy live transmissions of sporting highlights, shown at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in the cold season.

Cool blockbusters at the Winter Drive-In Cinema | 04 to 08.12.2013


Winter Drive-In Cinema? Isn’t it freezing out there? No! We provide current Mercedes-Benz vehicles for you on the Museum hill. Get in, make yourself cosy and enjoy a cinematic experience before an impressive backdrop.

Winter Opening Party | 07.12.2013


“On Friday night I’ll pack the skis …Here we go! We introduce the winter sports season with a hearty Winter Opening Party. Based around the motto “Après-Ski”, renowned DJs, a variety of ice bars and plenty of fun await you at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. If you turn up in your ski outfit, you will be entitled to a free “welcome drink”.

  • Start: 8 p.m.
  • Price: 10 euros per person
  • Tickets available at the Mercedes-Benz Museum or online at:
Radio Crime Thriller Week | 05 to 09.03.2014


Are you a fan of crime thrillers? Then you must not miss these exciting stories! When the museum closes in the evening, the reading room opens.

  • Start: 7 p.m.
  • Price: 18 euros per person (from 16 years of age)

Children’s Radio Crime Thriller | 08 and 09.03.2014

  • Price: 10 euros per person (up to 14 years of age only in the company of an adult);
    Start: 2 p.m.
  • Tickets available at the Mercedes-Benz Museum or online at:

Exhibitions and events

Special exhibition: „My Mercedes-Benz“ | from 03.12.2013


Mercedes-Benz 170 model, Tailfin and Stroke-eight – many people know them and love them. These classic cars from Mercedes-Benz have often accompanied their owners reliably for hundreds of thousands of kilometres. In Collection Room 5 we present many legendary vehicles.

Disabled Persons' Day | 01.12.2013


For the fourth time in a row the Museum, as the winner of the “Golden Wheelchair” award, is organising a special day for handicapped persons. Apart from special guided tours the Mercedes-Benz Museum is offering an attractive programme of supporting events for all visitors.

  • Free admission to the museum for persons with disabilities and one accompanying person each
  • Cost of guided tour: 4 euros per person
  • Information and registration: Mercedes-Benz Classic Customer Centre
Social Media Nights Stuttgart | 11.12.2013|05.03.2014


Come, listen and tweet with the Stuttgart Social Media Club. Discuss the latest digital trends with experts here.

  • 11.12.2013 Level 1, Main Hall
  • 05.03.2014 Level 0, Fascination of Technology sector
  • Information and registration:
Fun with Haydn | 01.02.2014 I 12.04.2014


Old masterpieces in modern surroundings – Joseph Haydn makes himself heard! A good reason to continue the series of concerts. For all music lovers the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra plays classical pieces, not only by Haydn, in a modern architectural environment. Enjoy yourself!

  •  Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart branch
  • Concert begins: 8 p.m.
  • Admission: from 7 p.m.
  • Tickets: Tel. no. +49(0)711-25 55 555 or
Long Night of the Museums | 15.03.2014


The Mercedes-Benz Museum will once again open its doors to the public until the early hours of the morning on the Long Night of the Museums. Admire the brilliant inventions of Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, an exciting programme of supporting events and culinary delights accompanied by cool drinks.

  • In the afternoon the little ones and their families are the centre of attention
  • Further information and tickets:
Indoor Cycling Marathon | 30.11.2013


Pump the pedals – in the first Indoor Cycling Marathon in the extraordinary Atrium of the Museum. Rousing music, a varied pace and professional trainers await you. Start off the winter in top form!

  • Start: 6.30 p.m., admission from 5.30 p.m., duration: 4 hours
  •  Price: 30 euros per person (incl. sports refreshments)
  •  There are shower facilities at the SG Stern Fitness studio approx. 5 minutes’ walking distance from the Museum.
  • Tickets available at the Mercedes-Benz Museum or online at:

Children and youngsters

Interactive Exhibition for Children | 07 to 31.01.2014


The exhibition “What’s the cow doing in the refrigerator?” is about those things that are well-known to children: their own home. The different rooms invite visitors to discover and create. Children can busy themselves in a playful manner with sustainable aspects of the environment and energy. They are given incentives to pose questions; and to find out the answers experimentally using all the senses.

  • Groups of children (3–6 years) from day centres and kindergartens
  • Tue to Fri after prior registration (admission free)
  • Information and registration: Mercedes-Benz Classic Customer Centre
Fascination of Design | every Saturday and Sunday


An excursion into the world of automotive design: participate as a family in the free workshops and experience the interplay of form, colour and material.

  • Children and young persons (under 14 years of age only in the company of an adult)
  • Every Sat and Sun from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Registration on site on Level 0
  • It may be necessary to wait


Mercedes-Benz Starry Nights |04 to 09.02.2014


On six evenings the topmost level of the Mercedes-Benz Museums is turned into a gourmet restaurant: Excellent cuisine meets breathtaking ambience with a panoramic view. Allow star chef René Bobzin to pamper you and enjoy a very special evening! René Bobzin cooks for the Kaiser Spa Hotel zur Post, at the Bansin seaside resort on the isle of Usedom.

Culinary Winter Journey | 26.11.2013 to 16.03.2014


An extended winter day would not be complete without a stop-off at a traditional mountain inn to enjoy a hearty meal. Just like in the winter holidays, you can also enjoy varied traditional delicacies both on the plate and on the cold-cut “Vesper” board.

Tip: plan your Xmas party in a very special atmosphere!

Museum shop

Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2014


Shooting Stars! Photography from Fans, for Fans

The new calendar is dedicated to the growing Mercedes-Benz Classic online community. Fans of the brand were invited to capture their personal “Shooting Stars” with the camera, and send them in via a special Facebook app. A jury consisting of photographers and experts then selected twelve fantastic themes.

Mercedes-Benz Collectors' Exchange | 30.11.2013


The Mercedes-Benz Museum turns into a collector’s paradise: at the Mercedes-Benz Collectors’ Exchange it’s all about models, brochures, literature, badges and accessories with the three-pointed star. Tip: on the day of the event there is a 20% discount on the Mercedes-Benz Classic calendar 2014.


Open guided tours


General guided tour of the museum:
Tue to Sun at 2.30 p.m. (in German), Tue to Sun at 11 a.m. (in English)

Guided architecture tour
Fri at 4 p.m. (in German)

Tour of the production facilities
Wed and Thu at 11.45 a.m. (in German)
Tue and Fri at 11.45 a.m. (in English)

  • Fees: 4 euros per person in addition to museum admission fee
  • Appointments subject to availability
  • Reservations:
A passion for hospitality


Are you looking for a venue for that special occasion? Our event team develops concepts especially tailored to your requirements, to make your event unforgettable. All the rooms and halls can be arranged flexibly and be furnished with the latest media technology. Our partner for gastronomy provides exceptional catering for the events held.



And in the coming year the Mercedes-Benz Museum again has something special for you.
Something you can look forward to:


2014 International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart | 22 to 27.04.2014

As part of the 2014 Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, the popular children’s film festival “Tricks for Kids” ties up with the success it met with at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in 2013 and again offers imaginative animated cartoons and exciting workshops.

8th Anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz Museum | 25.05.2014


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